• Modernization of the education system

  • Qualitative modernization and updating of the present methods of education is necessary for the modern educational process of training of pupils. The use of custom e-learning solutions is one of the effective and affordable ways to increase motivation not only for teachers, but also for students. In general, with the help of new technologies and efforts of good education software development company it is possible to make the process of education more attractive for the younger generation.


    It should also be noted that the relationship between student and teacher will still play a big role in the education system, as it has already been noted that students are mostly familiar only with computer games and mobile applications and use their technique for entertainment. But in the process of introduction of mobile applications into the system of education there will also be changes in perception as it won't be something radically new and students won't perceive tasks on the screen of the gadget only as the next colorful toy.


    Thus, the offered approach to the organization of students' training with the use of e-learning platforms expands the conditional limits at the expense of use of new possibilities of mobile platforms. It expands the learning environment and goes beyond its limits. The received experience of use of educational technologies has shown their feasibility and effectiveness in the modern realized educational practice. The application of such innovations in the educational system contributes to the successful mastering of the studied material.


    In conclusion of all aforesaid it is possible to assert that mobile training won't replace traditional, but it can be used as addition to educational process in higher school and as a component of mixed training. Active application of educational software solutions does not aim at replacement of computers with portable gadgets, but rather expands and supplements the educational environment with interesting and actual methods which are more and more preferable and accessible for students.

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